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Compliance and legislation

Compliance and statutory legislation are increasingly important elements of sustainability and environmental performance. The Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) and ISO50001 are drivers in the modern commercial market place and KPIs are fundamental to meeting the requirements of obligations and standards.

A BEMS can provide holistic or partial visibility of building energy use and asset performance. Having this visibility allows your team to see and understand in real time what’s happening within a facility or site. Through the implementation of analytics software we can help you make sure that equipment stays within a manufacturer’s specified temperature or another set of performance parameters.

The analytical and historical data trending capabilities of a BMS can allow full audit trails to be developed on your equipment and plant A growing number of estate facilities teams are choosing to combine an energy management system with a BMS and analytics software to give them a high level of granularity on performance date relating to energy consumption and carbon emissions. Having a fully optimised BEMS in place will demonstrate a desire to continually improve your energy efficiency.


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