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Laboratory facilities are expensive to run. A BMS enables clients to monitor critical conditions. State of the art sensors & field devices allow us to control and monitor specialist environments.

Automated controls can significantly reduce or eliminate exposure to hazards both chemical and physical in a manufacturing or processing environment.

Using specialised equipment and devices safety can be improved Efficiencies in processing may be enhanced and sustained too.

Using a Building Management System (BMS) platform, automation of chemical monitoring and management with minimum user input brings many benefits.

Industrial processes in laboratories or manufacturing mean some hazardous chemicals have to be handled (with all the usual relevant PPE implications), and, when the hazard itself cannot be eliminated or a safer substitute cannot be found, the next best approach is to use automated controls to keep the hazard away from direct handling by laboratory workers. .

BMS is a key factor in adding value, innovation and safety and, through smarter management of the environment,can potentially reduce cost.

In-house laboratory facilities are expensive to run and a BMS enables clients to determine the right approach to solve any potential problems and to monitor critical conditions.

Using market leading technology along with state of the art sensors and field devices our systems give better visibility, control and enables easy monitoring of these specialist environments.


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