Case Study

Chemical R&D Facility Desigo CC Upgrade

The Project:

Involved the provision of an integrated building management platform that allows the whole site to be monitored and controlled from a Central Facilities Operation Centre.

The Challenge:

Installation of a new building management supervisor platform on a large, fully integrated, multiple building site requiring a range of capabilities from small BMS control systems to large integrated solutions required to integrate with a diverse range of on-site plant.

The original BMS Supervisor platform was kept operational during the changeover to enable the facilities team to maintain operational effectiveness and respond to issues on the incumbent BMS system.

The Solution:

  • Installation of Siemens Desigo CC onto a virtual server that enables fast and efficient engineering that keeps disruption to a minimum.
  • Provision of a multi display BMS Supervisor in a Facilities Operations Centre that facilitates continuous visual monitoring of the site Building Management Systems.

The Benefits:

Desigo CC uses state of the art technology that sets industry standards. In addition to building management, power, lighting, fire safety and security and easy integration of 3rd party systems it provides industry standard protocols in one central location.

The site can be managed locally or remotely from any device including desktops, tablets and mobiles and is user intuitive with navigation bar and extended filter options. It provides a modern, easy to use interface with an operator orientated workflow.

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