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The challenge; to maintain levels of patient care whilst reducing utility costs. An optimised BeMS can achieve best comfort whilst maximising opportunities to save money, energy and carbon. 

Healthcare establishments have large energy, heat and power requirements, often 24 hours a day.  There are potential savings to be made by optimising efficiency across the buildings or estate within a Healthcare Trust or group, whilst still ensuring the best comfort conditions for occupants.

Increasing pressure on budgets means that decision have to be made to identify savings and build strong business cases around any level of capital expenditure or investment.

A Building Energy Management System (BeMS) can typically control up to 80% of a building’s energy needs. A BeMS can be a site-wide management system, controlling a large portfolio of buildings or it can be a single, stand-alone control looking after a GP surgerys heating and cooling.

Optimising and maintaining the BeMS system and utilising the graphical and energy monitoring capabilities of a BeMS can allow clear performance KPIs to be set and monitored. The way a building is used can be visualised and assessed and the BeMS can deliver significant energy savings which can be measured, monitored and continually improved.

A well-managed and maintained BEMS can deliver extremely cost-effective ways for Healthcare Trusts to manage and reduce their energy consumption, typically making savings of between 25 and 30%. The investment in an up to date BeMS or a well maintained BeMS can often offer cost savings against maintenance and expenditure budgets associated with the running of the asset, building or estate. .

Talk to us about the options you have regarding your current BeMS system and we can work with you to ensure you develop a clear and concise plan regarding maintenance of your heating, cooling and lighting plant as well as identifying and realising energy savings.


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