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Increasingly we rely on mobile data, internet connectivity and ‘the cloud’. Data sources, information and on-line storage place demands on data centres to ensure they deliver optimised 24/7 services.

Most commercial buildings today require the running and integration of a number of different building related systems, these include power distribution, heating and cooling, security and fire. One of the best examples of such a facility is a data center. The data center must deliver a continuous, optimised level of operation often requiring sensitive ICT equipment and networks to be managed and available 24/7. Monitoring and managing all of the systems on the site can be a challenge. Typically a Building Energy Management System provides an automated platform for the integration, monitoring and management of all the needs on such a site.

 The monitoring and data collection/visualisation capabilities of a BeMS enable both real-time awareness of conditions in the data centre allowing the management team to make decisions ensuring the data centre maintains its ‘uptime’ or the BeMS can make automated changes to power and cooling etc to prevent problems arising. Features of a BeMS include:

  • Alerts (that can be escalated) indicating conditions that could impact uptime, fluctuating power conditions or cooling plant failure.
  • Maintenance scheduling – through Condition Based Maintenance (CBM). Data center A BeMS Analytics package can identify when assets or plant require maintenance to avoid a problem before it causes downtime.
  • Enable forward planning and upgrades. The information that a BeMS collects, in addition to providing a basis for maintenance, can aid in planning for data centre expansions, replacement of failing equipment or upgrades.
  • Improve efficiency. The BeMS can allow the data centre management team to look at the utilisation of space within server rooms and the effectiveness of the infrastructure supporting the servers. Allowing the planning of any potential consolidation to be supported with viable data.

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