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Leisure & Retail

An important KPI in this sector is end user customer satisfaction. Bespoke systems enable management control for a wide range of plant and equipment to ensure best performance and energy reduction.

Within the retail and leisure sector large portfolios of sites need bespoke asset management and monitoring of the operating costs. One of the key indicators of success within the sector is achieving customer satisfaction. Whether it is footfall through a shop door, occupancy levels in a hotel or visitors to a leisure centre all of these sites need to ensure comfort is key to generating a sound business.

A Building Management System (BeMS) can provide a joined up to the monitoring and management of multiple assets and buildings within your facilities. Lighting, heating, cooling and ventilation systems can all be controlled and monitored through a well maintained and managed BeMS as well as incorporating automated natural ventilation.

We can design and implement bespoke systems that can control and optimise the conditions within your facility to meet all of your needs, with a strong focus on maintaining energy reduction strategies.


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