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Case Study

Science Museum Library

The Project:

Providing a new BMS system for a new Science Museum Library at Wroughton, with three storage areas for rare and precious books as well a public reading room.


The Solution:

Installation of a full air-conditioned air handling system with a small amount of make-up air.

Siemens PX modular control system.

Storage and reading areas monitored by quick-change (certified calibration) temperature and humidity sensors that average the areas’ temperature and humidity conditions.

Control system that continuously monitors the sensors to check that all conditions remain within strict tolerances.


The Benefits:

If a sensor drifts outside of the tolerance parameters an alarm is immediately raised on the main control panel operator’s display and the sensor is isolated from the control system’s monitoring and control strategy.

Temperature and humidity sensor measuring elements that are designed to be unscrewed and changed in seconds, enabling the control system to operate seamlessly.


Science Museum Library case study PDF


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