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Funding wise Government Soft Landings and BIM require the performance of new buildings to be optimised and monitored for validation of comfort levels and the performance of plant and equipment.

One of the biggest challenges in today's society concerns the reduction in energy use and CO2 footprint in existing and new build public buildings

Public Sector clients tend to have a large portfolio of sites that require asset management and monitoring of the operating costs. Budget cuts mean that any capital investment tends to be coupled with efficiency drives to reduce operating costs.

In this context, key challenges are concerned with the design and the development of a monitoring and control infrastructure to manage assets and plant in order to optimise energy efficiency usage (without compromising comfort for occupants) and to offer to decision makers dedicated tools to plan and manage energy saving strategies.

Within this sector a Building Management System (BeMS) can provide a joined up to the monitoring and management of multiple assets and buildings within the estate. Through the use of visualisation tools and remote access facilities within a BeMS Estate Managers, Facilities Managers, Procurement Teams and Site Technicians can make decisions on the maintenance and control strategies quickly and effectively based on comfort conditions within buildings and the need to reduce energy.

A BeMS can provide optimised heating and cooling and provide real-time data on the performance of plant and equipment within the portfolio. Contact Controlco to find out more about how we can make your energy usage and control strategies visible and manageable to suit the flexibility of your estate.


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