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South Walks House Dorchester

The Challenge:

This project was designed to operate in a mixed mode ventilation arrangement utilising hundreds of motorised windows on the floor levels.

Co-ordination of the window units was critical as they needed to be fitted at the early stages of the build to provide a watertight envelope.

The main contractor required early testing of the motorised windows to ensure that the fitted windows worked in a smooth and free running manner.

Window control packages are frequently supplied and installed separately to the BMS leading to interface and co-ordination issues.

The project consists of a building with:

  • Heating plant, chiller plant
  • Air handling plants
  • Automated window units
  • Building Energy Management System
  • Intelligent automatic windows
  • Electricity, gas and water utility monitoring


The Solution:

Controlco were engaged to project manage, supply, install and commission an integrated BMS and automated window control package to meet the project requirements.

The fixed wiring installation to the automatic windows was planned and co-ordinated with the main contractors window installation schedule. This enabled fast and effective progress.

The windows were provided with power and communications connections and were tested at a very early stage.

The windows operation was demonstrated and accepted a significant time before the projects practical completion date.

The BMS and main plant was tested and commissioned at the closing stages of the project and the earlier installed windows were integrated seamlessly into the building control strategy.


The Benefits:

Considerable savings were achieved in utilising a co-ordinated package approach compared to using individual BMS and automated window packages.

Elimination of package co-ordination and responsibility problems through facilitating single point of contact for project.

Faster installation due to consolidated approach to installation works.


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