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Desigo CC Success at the BCIA Awards

New Siemens software with all its user experience benefits vastly improves productivity and enables all building facets to be viewed from one central location.

Desigo CC sets new industry standards

The new Desigo CC Building Management Supervisor provides a superior user experience.

The intuitive software enables ease of use and vastly increases the productivity of the system users.

User friendly graphics enable the viewing of all building facets from one centralised location.

Utilising this powerful, market leading technology, Controlco has developed a bespoke, site-wide automated control system for its client Combined Property Solutions Ltd at a Berkshire Chemical R&D Facility.

The solution has enabled the straightforward management and monitoring of plant and assets across the entire site. The centralised control solution has created an optimised view of any issues that arise on site and has improved the response times involved allowing quicker resolution and saved energy, money and time.

 Author:           Shaun Williams